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12 Volt Connectors

I have standardised on Anderson connectors for all things 12v (where possible). Unfortunately I still need to use car cigerette lighter plugs and sockets for some connections.

There are a number of 12v connectors available for use.

Anderson Powerpole Connectors

I have chosen the PP Series as a standard 12V DC Power Connector for all operations and installations. The connector ratings adopted are rated at 30A and 75A. They are small, easy to terminate (either by crimping or soldering), and inexpensive. 15A and 45A versions are also available, which mate with the 30A connector while accommodating smaller or larger wire gauges respectively.

Anderson Multipole Connectors

For high current applications, I use the Anderson SB series connectors. SB175 for battery charging, SB50 for medium current and solar panels.

Cigarette Lighter Plugs and Sockets

Used in most vehicles and readily available
Most accessories use these
Low current only.

Merrit Plugs and Sockets

More reliable than Cigarette Lighter Plugs

USB Sockets

USB sockets are available that take 12v in and convert it to 5v required for USB.

MC4 Connectors

MC4 connectors are used in the solar panel industry. They are IP67 rated and you will need one per wire (i.e. a pair for +/-).

Auto Connectors

Auto crimp connectors normally come in 3 sizes (wire sizes).
Common types are:
Spade or Faston

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