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Aussie Swag

Nineteen years ago, we embarked on a journey to Brisbane to collect our brand-new Aussie Swag Ultra camper trailer. Throughout these nearly two decades, it has been our faithful companion, accompanying us to numerous destinations across most Australian states.

Now, it's time to pass on the torch of adventure to the next generation. We're entrusting our beloved Aussie Swag camper to them so they can also relish the wonders of the great outdoors and everything Australia has to offer.

Our final voyage with the Aussie Swag took us to the Aussie Swag Camper trailer group gathering at Knorrits Flat in NSW, a fitting farewell campsite.

Over the years, our Aussie Swag has been pulled by three different vehicles: the Pajero, BT-50, and the D-Max.

As we transition to our new accommodation, we're hopeful that it will serve us just as faithfully over the next nineteen years.

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